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ACCA listed Business Adviser

Competent accountancy support is essential for anyone in business on their own account so it should be reassuring to our clients that SPi Accountancy is an ACCA listed Business Adviser. This means that the practice is subject to the high ethics and standards required of this global professional body.

Contractor specialist firm – covering UK and working overseas

At SPi, we specialise in the provision of accountancy and taxation services to freelancers and contractors whatever their chosen method of trading for example:

  • Limited company contractors
  • Self-employed in construction (CIS)
  • Self-employed in trades other than construction
  • UK workers going to work abroad
  • Umbrella company workers self-assessment (including retrospective expense claims at year end)
  • Non UK nationals coming to work in the UK

As we specialise in all of the above areas for freelancers and contractors, it is no problem if a contractor chooses to change his/her way of working (or country of working) as we can advise throughout and ensure all compliance is met and the right taxation advice is given.

Cost and value

We researched the market in order to price our services very competitively and we are confident that we provide a first class, professional service to our client’s which costs significantly less than our key competitors.We can assure our clients that a comparison of our Liberty service (with a fixed price of £125 (plus VAT) /month including all insurances) against comparable services reveals that our key competitors are 30% to 70% more expensive.

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