Why Contract?

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The importance of being flexible

Many observers think that freelancers and contractors will be the future force of an agile workforce. Microsoft recently published a range of crystal ball ‘future work’ scenarios, one of which called ‘freelance planet’, forecast that the workplace will become dominated by networks of freelance workers and contractors.

If you are about to start working as a freelancer, or have always been an employee before, you might be asking yourself 'which contracting option is best for me?'. You can download our free guide to help you make the right choice here

SPi Accountancy clients work in a variety of sectors, including IT, Oil and Gas, Engineering, Finance, Management Consultancy, HR, Construction, Telecommunications and Naval Architecture. It is easy therefore, for us to see the benefits across multi-sectors.

In the longer term, there is a clear trend towards employers making use of this flexible workplace resource.

Make best use of your time 

In today’s busy world it is always better to be in control of your own time and there is no better way to ensure this than by going freelance. At SPi, our Liberty service will take away all of the main time consuming elements of running your own company so that you can concentrate on what you do best – serving your own clients.

Financial benefits

As a contractor you are entitled to structure your company/affairs in the manner you wish. At SPi we specialise in advising you on all of the options open to you and would welcome an opportunity to discuss these with you to ensure you benefit from the significant financial benefits available to you.

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