Professional Passport- Compliance

Professional Passport was formed in 2007 as a direct result of The Managed Service Company Legislation. The simple idea was to carry out the most comprehensive compliance due diligence checks on umbrella and accountancy service providers and allow recruitment companies to rely on these whilst at the same time protecting them from potential liabilities.

At outset it was recognised that with potential liabilities being so large more than a verbal reassurance would be required by recruitment companies which is why Professional Passport provides £5,000,000 insurance to all their recruitment company members against debt transfer under Managed Service Company Legislation. Today Professional Passport are still the only insurance backed compliance verification in the market.

As the market has grown and many changes have been introduced Professional Passport has remained the leader in service provider compliance and sets the standards across the sector.

Professional Passport:
• The leading independent specialist service provider compliance company.
• The only insurance backed compliance accreditation - £5,000,000 cover for our recruitment company members.
• The largest range of approved umbrella and accountancy service providers to select for your PSL.
• Author of The Compliant Umbrella Providers Operational Handbook – the first book to fully document all the processes and procedures that are required by an umbrella company to achieve compliance. This book has created the benchmark standard of operational processes for the sector.
• Recognised by Government as experts in the sector and invited to sit on The Office of Tax Simplification Committee to advise the Chancellor on simplifying the tax system for small businesses.
• Web portal with up to date news and information for all sectors of the market.

SPi is proud to be periodically audited and approved by Professional Passport. 

For more information on Profesisonal Passport you can contact them direclty by clicking here, call SPi on 0151 443 6838, or email us on

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