Fair FX - Foreign currency and travel cards

Imagine: you are packed ready to go on holiday and it’s time to buy the local currency.


With and FX-money card, available in either Euro’s or US Dollars, all SPi contractors  will effectively be getting the same rates as businesses do, with a fixed charge every time they draw money out.

You can use the I-FX Currency Card like any other debit card in most ATM’s, shops, restaurants, online, on the telephone or with any retailer with an electronic terminal that accepts MasterCard cards. You can spend up to £2500, €3750 or $5000 per day, as long as you have sufficient funds on the card.

A recent example comparing the I-FX Money Card to an Airport Exchange Bureau would give you an extra €0.10 (10 cents) and $0.11 (11 cents) more per £1.00 exchange. Put another way £1,000.00 would give you and extra €100.00 or $111.00. 

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Also, FAIRFX provide an insured cash delivery service for businesses and individuals who need to order travel money. Customers will literally be getting business level rates of foreign exchange, rather than what can be the inferior rates on offer at airports, bureau de changes, banks and even other internet sites.

Available in 21 different currencies and with next day delivery, clients will have fast, easy access to foreign exchange all at the click of a button.

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