Contractors coming to work in the UK

We have extensive experience of dealing with non-UK Nationals coming to the UK to carry out contract work.

We ensure that they receive the best advice for them which will be dependent upon their own circumstances, that the client is correctly advised, having regard for his tax residency status in his home country and not just the UK. 

We guide our clients through everything they need to know and do in order to optimise their unique position whilst ensuring they remain compliant in the UK.

We can assist with:

  • How to register with the relevant authorities
  • National Insurance advice on coming to the UK
  • Taxation advice on coming to the UK
  • Work permit applications
  • Setting up a UK Limited Company and advising on what payment models are most suitable
  • Acting as a Registered Office in the UK
  • Setting up a UK Bank Account
  • Advising what Expenses can be claimed (e.g. flights home, accommodation etc.)
  • Consideration of Double Taxation Treaties
  • Pension Scheme considerations


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